2017 Rhode Island Compost Conference

On March 9th the Environment Council of Rhode Island held their annual Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show. This wonderful event helps showcase new composting methodologies, increase knowledge of the subject among practitioners and a general audience, and promote the work done in this field by Rhode Islanders across the state.

The Rhode Island Worm Farmer Cooperative’s very own Monique Bosch and Margaret O’Donnell led a workshop on the basic do’s and don’t’s of making compost worm tea, a great product that is sold right here on our website. There were a number of fascinating speakers and workshops, covering a broad range of subjects within the field of composting. Everything from the implementation of composting in schools to the management of food waste was explored, giving every participant new tools, practices, and thoughts to bring back to their lives.

The best part about the entire event was being able to see firsthand the traction that the movement towards sustainable agriculture has gained. From corporations to schools to farmers to government officials, more and more people understand the critical importance that sustainable practices must play in the cultivation of our food. This is a movement that we are extremely proud of being a part of at the Rhode Island Worm Farmer Cooperative. Everything we do flows out of our desire to help the world achieve the essential goal of adopting healthy, sustainable agricultural practices.